Ivory for Art

We offer only legal well documented Pre-Ban Genuine Elephant Ivory for craftsmen, artisans and collectors. Below is a summary of answers to some of the most asked questions.

Elephant ivory has been regulated since 1976 and was allowed into U.S. with a guidelines set forth by CITES. From 1989 U.S. completely stopped all importation of African Elephant Ivory into the country, making this material even more valuable for crafts and jewelry.

New regulations require strictproof of documents that permit sale of legally imported elephant ivory under CITES prior to 1989, which we can provide.

Our Elephant Ivory was purchased from F.Friedlein & Co.Ltd in England (then Europe leading Purveyor of legal elephant ivory to the Trades) and we brought it to U.S. during 1970’s and 1980’s in compliance with all the laws governing African Elephant Ivory. We have all the original legal documents. Therefore, all our Elephant Ivory, which was legally imported into the United States before 1989, is legal to own, buy or sell within a state.

I have been in the ivory trade for over 40 years and during that time I was deputized by U.S. Fish & Wildlife service, calling upon my professional knowledge of ivory and its trade aspects. Expressing my great concern about illegal ivory trading, I was able to help U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to complete one of the most successful operations in its history. I received a personal accommodation letter from then Secretary of the Interior for my work in preserving wildlife.

Ivory will always remain a durable, precious material, as it has always been from the early days of mankind. We have our part in conservation by using only Pre-Act Pre-Ban 50 to over a 100 years old legally documented ivory.

Returns from our Florida shows

For items such as jewelry, art objects, vintage or antique items, returns accepted within 30 days of the purchase

Please, contact us before returning our merchandise to Refund will be issued upon receiving merchandise back in it's original condition.

For safety to all parties, Delivery confirmation is necessary for returning merchandise. We will issue refund in it's original form as it was received. We cannot reimburse for returning shipping costs.

Please, contact us if you have ANY questions about return.

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